In only 3 hours a week (yes 240 minutes) you can:

  • lose body-fat

  • bring out your abs

  • develop full body fitness

  • Crush your Sport

  • Live Longer

  • Reduce Stress

Group Fitness Classes help you reach your goals quickly without the hype!

  • We show you what to do and how to do it in a safe and friendly environment.
  • We help you stay accountable to yourself and your commitment to your goals.
  • Our membership is filled with like-minded individuals that are regular people just like YOU training to be Fit, Healthy, and Happy.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit Basic and CrossFit Performance

CrossFit is fun, challenging, rewarding, and can be life-changing.

CrossFit delivers RESULTS!  

It consists of functional movements executed at high-intensity against the clock; it is the sport of fitness

CrossFit is universally scalable to all ages and fitness levels.  One can reach any goal using CrossFit.  We can program for any goal, sport, or endeavor.  Weights, reps, and movements are scaled to the individual’s fitness level.  All CrossFit classes are 1 hour long and capped at 18 athletes.

Group classes have general programming that is constantly varied to keep it fun and your body guessing! Each day is a new exciting workout. Young, Old, Male, and Female all train side by side!

Our Mission at CrossFit Estero & The Training Box is to pursue excellence in fitness and coaching human movement. We strive to build a community of like minded individuals who love to train, compete, and play.  There is no ego or judgement in our community!

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  4. Give yourself a chance to change your life for the better.

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